How to play in 50hz in a NTSC country

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How to play in 50hz in a NTSC country Empty How to play in 50hz in a NTSC country

Post  hddr3 on Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:02 pm

Many people wish to play on 50hz, but since they live in a country that is NTSC (60hz) only, they can only play in 60hz. And since you can only play NTSC games on a NTSC console, you can't simply import a game and play it. There are some alternatives to this though:

( There are very little NTSC TVs that dispay PAL, but certain monitors/flatscreen TVs are actually multisystem nowadays, which means they display both NTSC and PAL-50 )

Gamecube - Freeloader:
This method costs some money. You will need to buy a Freeloader disc from CodeJunkies website ( ) which costs $9.99 USD. Then also you need to find a copy of Burnout 2 on ebay or another site that sells games internationally. When I used this method, I had to find a game on the UK ebay that shipped to the United States ( Example: )
This method has some issues though, the coloring is way off ( Game displays it as GRB instead of the normal RGB color, so the red and green are swapped ). None of TV's would display a PAL image, but my Sanyo HD CRT TV did display it, except the bottom of the screen is cut off (Example: ). Weird thing is, this TV wont display PAL in color, but on the Gc when using Freeloader, it actually does ( I think it is because the Gc is outputting a PAL-N image vs. the regular PAL-B signal that shows in b&w on that TV ). Though, you can edit the video and it will look very close to regular color if you change the hue a little bit and change RGB to BGR, and then invert the colors. You can do that in Sony Vegas ( Example: ). Gc PAL colors are working fine on Wii

Xbox - Softmodding:
This method usually doesn't cost anything if you already have anything to softmod your xbox by using the hotswapping method. But there is a safer method ( less chance of locking your harddrive permanently, bricking your xbox, or damaging other components of your system, but IMO is more time consuming, and costs some $$$, the splinter cell method. You don't need to buy a PAL copy of Bo2! If you use Enigmah video switcher, it speeds the game up to 50hz speed.
Hotswap: ( This guy was extremely helpful when I softmodded my xbox! And also a big thanks to Sparker for helping me through it also ) I have experience with this method, so if you need help just ask me. There is a lot I had to do outside of that video to complete that method ( Many things go wrong there such as your harddrive wont unlock, disc doesn't load, etc. )
Splinter Cell: I have no experience with this method, but Sparker does, so ask him if you need help.
After you have softmodded your xbox, you want to FTP over Enigmah video switcher ( ). Then you are done! Btw, this method has no issues with color or anything. Plays exactly like PAL Bo2 would, minus language packs.

Gamecube - Dolphin emulator:
This method I don't recommend because the game feels very different than a regular Gc would. Physics are lighter and glitches usually aren't very powerful, but some players managed to get big glitches on it somehow. Also there is a lot of lagging and audio glitches. You will need a computer with a good dedicated graphics card + big RAM (4gb+). You also need to download Bo2 PAL for the gamecube ( ) and you will need a PC controller. I use a PS3 controller and works fine.

I hope this helps people out with playing 50hz! If you have any questions, feel free to ask Smile

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How to play in 50hz in a NTSC country Empty Re: How to play in 50hz in a NTSC country

Post  Brainkiller007 on Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:11 pm

Maybe you can add this link where to download the Enigmah video switcher:

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