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Hitting the trailer first Empty Hitting the trailer first

Post  sparker599 on Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:36 pm

Crashfreak noticed that for JX's, the truck takes more damage if the trucks's trailer is hit first instead of the cab.  We already know this is the case for sink glitches, but we are now think this also applies to JX's.
This is important because it may let us get higher damages on some zones.  We want to look for new strats where we can hit the trailer first and still get a good scenario and good multi.
A good example is zone 1, where glitches done with the cop car strat(where the back of the truck is always hit first) give much higher damages than glitches done with the custom pickup strat (where the cab is the first to be touched - it crashes into the invisible wall).  Look at Crashfreak's 396mil (https://youtu.be/wG0OaKS6iBM), where he said the damage on the truck was 16 million!  Compare that to BK's 181mil , where the log truck flew into the buses and the total damage was only 7.2mil, so the damage on the truck was even less: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiEL9W2sc_I
It may even be true that the only part of the truck tha takes any damage is that which is hit first.  A reason to believe this is because if the trailer is hit first, the trailer appears to be where the damage is shown in heli mode, see BK's 9 million damage on zone 11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aREyc_OUjtI

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Hitting the trailer first Empty Re: Hitting the trailer first

Post  Crashfreak on Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:07 pm

On zone 1 my best damage on the big grey trailer was 17,2 million on my 217 million video https://youtu.be/8yb3N0frRhg


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Hitting the trailer first Empty Re: Hitting the trailer first

Post  Brainkiller007 on Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:34 pm

It looks like, only the part which is hit/touched 1st will take damage + a trailer can/will taker higher damage than a cab.
There are some vids which prove Crashfreaks theory, which he found watching the heli mode on zone 1.

On sink-glitches the truck will only take damage if the trailer is hit 1st, if the cab is hit 1st, no damage will happen. I guess, its the trailer grinding in/on the ground which takes damage. The cab is literally only in the air, and thats why there won't happen damage, if a cab is hit 1st and the truck starts to sink.
At least this could prove, that only the part of the truck will take damage, which is touched 1st.

This is the best vid to prove it:
The trailer is hit 1st and takes alot of damage from that, lets call it, small glitch. On the heli mode you can see the damage shown is popping up from the trailer. But on those other 3 trucks it pops up just from the cab.

Would also explain, why Anthony got that much damage on his zone 26 PR. You can also notice in his vid, that he hits the truck more to the middle, unlike other vids with that strat. So if you are to close to the cab, or half crashing it, it won't work.

Also on Zone 1, it could be/is the reason, why the "crashing into back of truck" strat takes more damage than the "high multi" strat. Sparker already posted 2 example vids.

Also on Zone 9 with the "23 multi" strat, you can get there alot of damage just from the truck flying.

Maybe all this could help for finding new strats or improve existing strats. On Zone 2 and 5 maybe you need to hit the trailer more to the middle to make the trailer taking damage,or it is already like that there, i am not sure about.
Maybe also on Zone 18 a strat could be found: https://youtu.be/_02zQtcP8YQ

I would say, this vid should prove, that the trailer just needs to be hit 1st. Nevermind which vehicle it is, and if it happens later on the crash.

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Hitting the trailer first Empty Re: Hitting the trailer first

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