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Motion blur removal AR code Empty Motion blur removal AR code

Post  sparker599 on Fri Dec 26, 2014 2:02 am

Burnout 2 has a motion blur effect that makes everything blurry whenever you are using boost or after you have crashed. Because of it, it's very difficult to tell precisely how trucks glitch, even when playing back a video in slow motion.
I've made an action replay code for dolphin that removes this blur. With it enabled, everything is crystal clear, including trucks while they glitch.
I also made a compilation of some videos to show what glitches look like without the blur. I even slowed them down in Adobe Premiere so you can see every movement that the trucks make during their glitches.

Here are both versions of the code for dolphin:
00305D5C 00000000

00305BDC 00000000

The codes are in a different form for dolphin than for AR on a real console. They are decrypted for dolphin and encrypted for the console. I have converted both versions of the code so they can be used on a real console, but I haven't tested them. Here they are:




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