Later start = more powerful crashes

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Later start = more powerful crashes Empty Later start = more powerful crashes

Post  Brainkiller007 on Tue Jun 10, 2014 12:11 am

I believe it was DEADLY 1 who found that starting later gives a more powerful crash. It was on zone 20 and alot of people were able to get into top-10 easily compared to before.
Now it was also found by Crashfreak on zone 10 working. And again it worked that good that even that very old WR was beaten already.

So i thought if that would help on other zones too. Basically each zone where the traffic isnt triggered itself could work. It needs to be worked into the current best strats. I already tried it on zone 6, 21, 22, 27 and 29.
On zone 27 in one of the 1st tries i already got 3 busflips without the parking ones. On zone 29 i almost beat the best non-glitch score, i just missed 1 multi. Hddr3 was able to get 114 million non-glitch on zone 30, also within a very short time.

But it doesnt also change the power of the vehcles. For example on zone 21 i only got 14 multi most of the time, and the buses from the curve like to escape even just a few feet away from the crash. Same on 22 with the buses.
But this needs to be tested again cause i didn't spent much time trying around.
On Zone 29 the bus from the left also missed the crash. Then i tried to not crash in the very last second and it worked again like usual. So maybe the timing needs to be adjusted to get the scenario working like before.

Zone 1
Could work with the "cop car" strat if u head back at start like in the zone 29 vid.

Zone 2
Don't think it will work good there without the RST strat cause of lower multi crashes. Maybe the wall-strat could be tested again.

Zone 6
I tried that zone and it looked like the small cars r to poweful and make the crash spread too much.

Zone 9
We already have a late crash with the wall-strat. Maybe a crash in last second will change something.

Zone 12
Could work but without the C-Pickup strat.

Zone 21
Needs to be tested if crashing like 5 seconds before timer ends change something. At least with the few tries i did there with crashing in the last second, i often got 14 multi only and the pile-up didnt worked well.

Zone 22
Same like on zone 21, with crashing in the last second the buses like to escape. Maybe crashing a little earlier fixes that.

Zone 26
Could work there, just dont have in mind if traffic is triggered itself.

Zone 27
I just did a few tries and was able to flip 3 buses.

Zone 29
Seems to work good if heading back at start and starting when times is on 15.

Zone 30
Judging from the good non-glitch scores hddr got fast it works there good too. According to hddr it even worked easier.

Here is my vid from zone 29 and hddrs vid from zone 30

The only reason i can think of why it is like that is, that the truck-and busdrivers are like "omg, the time is almost over. lets hurry to crash".  Wink

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