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Post  Brainkiller007 on Sun Apr 20, 2014 1:47 pm

Those playlists were done to collect the 10 best vids on each zone (I might add them up to the 20 best vids or so some time. Just want to have them as accurate as possible. And the lower the entry is, the more often it will happen people getting highscores, which would fit in those playlists, but wont make a video of). So if you get scores which would fit into plz make a video.

The playlists are different to the WCR playlists cause they also include non-PR vids. For each zone there exists a playlist with the 10 best scores and in the description you can view the 10 best damages, of course only scores which are available on video (currently youtube needs to fix the description box cause the text is without sections, impossible to have a clear look onto).

Here is an overview of the lists (there is also a link on the frontpage):

I recently added extra playlists for the sink zones.
Now you also see some empty playlists between. I thought it would be a nice idea to have a look on different strats best vids. For example for zone 9 there is now a extra playlist for the 10 best wall-strat vids and a playlist for the 10 best non-wall vids.

So if u have a idea for a good extra playlist plz post in this topic. Just dont let it be too specific. Just check those zones which dont have a empty playlist beside. And if there is a zone, where u think, a extra playlist would be worth to make, plz tell me.

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